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    • $6.00

      Belt Clip

      Belt Clips are 11/2″ black spring steel ship as a set of two for $6.00 includes free shipping. These are the good...

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    • $75.00

      Shoulder Holster Rig

      This is the same rig used in our products. Replace your worn rig, or use it on your own project. Comes complete with all adjusters and attachment rings.  Black...

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    • $9.00

      Snap Covers

      Do you have problem snaps that rub on valuable guns?  These covers install into line 24 snaps to protect thumb break holsters and any other spot that could rub. These are what the big holster companies are using. Package of 10 for $9.00 Free shipping.   Black in color...

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    • $10.00


      Thumb-Break springs are used to reinforce the snap tab on your holsters.  A package of 10 springs $10.00 free...

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